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I'm looking for a home...
Domestic Short Hair
Tabby and white
12 yrs approx

SPECIAL APPEAL: LUNA - 6 months ago now a very bedraggled stray came in to care. She was elderly and frail, with a lump in her mouth that meant she couldn’t close it, rotten teeth and a chronic stomach problem that had reduced her to a bag of bones. Inside this shell there was a personality that shone through of life, hope and gentleness. This is a cat that despite all her problems, loved life, loved people and wanted to live. It has taken a lot of love, care and money to get Luna to where she is today and that is still a place where she isn’t 100%. She never will be sadly. But it has all been with your help and the love and dedication of her foster careers. Luna wanted to say hello to you all today, to thank you and to appeal for a new home. Luna is going to need a very special home as she has coronavirus and will never be cured. She needs to be kept as a single house cat. She must stay on a specialised diet and may at times need veterinary treatment for her condition. She also is sometimes faecally incontinent which means that she requires bathing - which is currently done roughly every 3 weeks. Luna has had her rotten teeth removed and her lump in her mouth treated (it has now gone). If there is anyone out there who feels they may be able to give Luna the home she so desperately deserves then please be in touch with her foster career, Moira on 07905 834828. Luna says thank you.