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Animals for rehoming



Status: I'm looking for a home...

Hi there my name is Tanya. I am looking for a home with a family who are willing to take me on lots of walks and playtime. Unfortunatly I wouldnt be able to be rehomed with any other animals as I am not a fan. I love my belly to be rubbed and spending time with people that love me. I may require... [read more]



Status: I'm looking for a home...

Squeak is a strapping lad who loves to play with his toys and enjoys a good groom. Squeak would love to find a home with another bunny to keep him company but this is not esential and he could also live happily on his own. Squeak will need a decent size hutch to live in with a run in the garden... [read more]


Salt and Pepper

Status: We're looking for a home...

Salt and Pepper are lovely natured bunnies who are looking for a home as a pair. They are easy to handle and love to play with toys and treats. To meet them or for anymore information please call Ruskington Kennels on 01526 833977

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Pepper & Bubbles

Status: We're looking for a home...

Pepper (Black) and Bubbles (Brown) are a bonded pair. At the moment Pepper is quite scared of human contact, but after a couple of weeks of getting to know you they will make the perfect family pets. They don't mind being stroked they just don't like to be picked up. Bubbles is the braver of the... [read more]


Status: I'm looking for a home...

Perry is a very handsome boy who cam into the RSPCA's hands after living in unrrasonable conditions along with seven other rabbits. He has been at the cattery for quite some time and is in need of a forever home. We trailed Perry with another male rabbit which was unsuccessful. So he would be... [read more]

Willow & Gizmo

Status: We're looking for a home...

Willow (Brown) and Gizmo (Grey) are a beautiful pair of rabbits who came in together as their owner didn't have time for them. They both need a bit of time to get to know you before they fully trust you and allow you to handle and groom them. Being as Gizmo is long haired she would require more... [read more]


Status: I'm reserved...

Beano is a brown male bunny who came into our care with his two sisters. He is curently quite lonely as his sisters have already found new bestfriends and he is looking for his. When tried with another male rabbit he responded well but wouldn't mind  a girl friend. Beano is a lovely boy who... [read more]

Speedy & Bunty

Status: We're looking for a home...

Speedy (Male) and Bunty (Female) came in on seperate occasions and where both a bit lonely so we tried them together and they get on really well. They have been bonded for a couple of months now so for this reason we are looking for a home for them together !


Speedy really is a... [read more]


Status: I'm looking for a home...

This big ol' rabbit is Elvis. He is on the larger side, but with a little time and attention, could make for a lovely pet. As he is a very large bunny, he would benefit from more of a bespoke accommodation as opposed to just a hutch and run. Elvis may be able to live with another rabbit, pending... [read more]

Jeremy & Thyme

Status: We're looking for a home...

This is Jeremy and Thyme who are both Dwarf rabbits. They came in as two underweight rabbits who both required daily hand feeding. They are both now healthy rabbits and are really excited about finding a forever home. If you have any enquires please contact Ruskington Boarding Kennel and Cattery... [read more]



Status: I'm looking for a home...

Young cockerel for rehoming. If interested please call Ruskington Boarding Kennels on 01526 833977.

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