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Animals for rehoming



Status: I'm reserved...

Bagheera was found trapped on the edge of a drop into a river. He was soaked through and couldn't get back up to safety. RSPCA Inspectors and The Fire Service were deployed for his rescue. Bagheera wasn't claimed by anyone and... [read more]


Status: I'm looking for a home...

Pepper is a lovely older lady who is looking for a forever home. She recently came to us, with several other cats, via the RSPCA Inspectors. She has had to have a few teeth out but is absolutely fighting fit and is ready for her new family. She is a friendly lady and would be a great addition to... [read more]


Status: I'm looking for a home...

This is the gorgeous Garfield (although not as lazy as the cartoon!) - he's a friendly boy who loves a good fuss! Garfield came into care after he was found as a stray, and following a few issues with an upset tummy, is now looking for his forever home!

To ... [read more]


Status: I'm looking for a home...

Thomas recently came into care after his owner developed an allergy to him. He is a very sweet young cat but will need to go to a relatively quiet home as he is a little shy. He is fine once he is settled but at first can be nervous. Don't let this put you off. Thomas is a really lovely boy - to... [read more]


Status: I'm reserved...

Mabel is a very friendly and sociable little lady who came in recently with several other cats. Despite having lived with other cats, Mabel can get quite bossy with them and may be better rehomed as a single cat where she can... [read more]

Little One

Status: I'm looking for a home...

Little One came to us after being abandoned by her owner. She was left straying for a while and local people fed her and took care of her. She is quite a nervous cat after everything she has been through, however, she will... [read more]


Status: I'm reserved...

Hi there my name is Monty and I came into care after my owner was taken into hospital. I am told I am very striking to look at - however I am a little bit shy. I need a quiet home where I can come out of my shell. Please don't let this put you off. Come and meet me! For anymore information... [read more]



Status: I'm reserved...

Patch is a lovely young chap who recently came to us through no fault of his own - he is easily one of the happiest dogs we've ever had in care! He is a lovely, friendly boy and would be keen to learn some more basic training. He has just been castrated and received his vaccinations and is of... [read more]


Status: I'm looking for a home...

When Ajax arrived he was in a very sorry state; the RSPCA Inspectors brough him in and he was covered in mange. It was so bad that he didn't have any fur on his back at all. With treatment, Ajax made a full recovery and has grown back all his fur - and just look at him now!

He might be 10... [read more]



Status: I'm looking for a home...

This is Reuben; a lovely boy who came into care with a severe case of mites. He has since been treated and has a clean bill of health! Reuben was quite happy to be photographed, and whilst didn't seek attention, seemed to appreciate his cuddles (despite his resting grumpy face!)

Reuben... [read more]

Jade and Angel

Status: I'm reserved...

These two beautiful bunnies are Jade and Angel - they were born in care when their mum (Sasha) suprised the kennels giving birth to eight babies! Both of this gorgeous pair are very friendly; Jade (tan) is very inquisitive and was happy to be picked up, whereas Angel - although equally as... [read more]