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Animals for rehoming



Status: I'm looking for a home...

Fly came to us when he was reported as a stray that was very matted.  No one came forward to claim him and he is now up for adoption, matt free. He is a quiet cat who can be a bit cantankerous at times but don't let this put you off. He is a softie really. He just hasn't been shown much love in... [read more]


Status: I'm looking for a home...

Louie is a young boy who came to us when his owner had a baby. Louie is very sweet natured but a little nervous in the cattery. He really needs to get into a loving new home as soon as possible. To meet Louie or for any further information please call Ruskington Kennels on 01526 833977. Open for... [read more]

Kia and Pikachu

Status: We're looking for a home...

These two ladies found themselves in our care through no fault of their own. Sadly their owner could no longer keep them due to allergies. They are very nervous and unsure about where they are right now. We are desperate to get them in to a home as know that will make them feel alot better. They... [read more]


Status: I'm looking for a home...

Laura came to us as part of a large group of cats. At the time of entry, Laura was heavily pregnant and soon gave birth to a large litter of kittens. Her babies are weaned now and Laura is looking for her forever home. She is... [read more]


Status: I'm looking for a home...

Freda is a lovely little lady who came to us after being found straying whilst also heavily pregnant. We got her in, just in time and she gave birth to three beautiful kittens whilst in the are of our volunteer foster mum Moira. Her kittens are now old enough to fly the nest and we are appealing... [read more]


Status: I'm looking for a home...

Minnie was found having recently given birth under a bush, in the rain. She was brought in by one of our Inspectors with her three babies. Sadly one baby didn't make it however Minnie went on to raise two healthy kittens who have... [read more]


Status: I'm reserved...

This is the gorgeous Garfield (although not as lazy as the cartoon!) - he's a friendly boy who loves a good fuss! Garfield came into care after he was found as a stray, and following a few issues with an upset tummy, is now looking for his forever home! Garfield will need to remain on a... [read more]



Status: I'm looking for a home...

Rosie came into care when her owners were going into sheltered accommodation and sadly couldn't take her with them. Rosie is a 5year old Jack Russell. She has a lovely nature and likes to beg for treats! She is also great with other dogs. We wouldn't advise that she go to a home with cats. To... [read more]


Status: I'm reserved...

Suki is a lovely 4 year old Akita looking for a new home. She came in via the RSPCA Inspectors and hasn't always had it easy in the past. She is a great dog and very good out on the lead. She is also not bothered when she meets other dogs. Due to her background Suki can sometimes be a little... [read more]


Status: I'm looking for a home...

Denzel is such a lovely dog. He has had such a rough time bless him. He came in to care via the RSPCA Inspectors through no fault of his own. He was so scared and confused when he first arrived that he just shook, it was so sad to... [read more]


Status: I'm looking for a home...

Patch is a lovely young chap who recently came to us through no fault of his own - he is easily one of the happiest dogs we've ever had in care! He is a lovely, friendly boy and would be keen to learn some more basic training. He has just been castrated and received his vaccinations and is of... [read more]


Status: I'm looking for a home...

When Ajax arrived he was in a very sorry state; the RSPCA Inspectors brough him in and he was covered in mange. It was so bad that he didn't have any fur on his back at all. With treatment, Ajax made a full recovery and has grown back all his fur - and just look at him now!

He might be 10... [read more]



Bert and Ernie

Status: We're looking for a home...

Burt and Ernie came in to care with there mum who had been straying around a neighbourhood for quite a while having fun and producing babies! They are a cute pair of boys who are now looking for a loving home where they can... [read more]