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Willow & Gizmo

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Willow - Brown & Gizmo - Grey

Willow (Brown) and Gizmo (Grey) are a beautiful pair of rabbits who came in together as their owner didn't have time for them. They both need a bit of time to get to know you before they fully trust you and allow you to handle and groom them. Being as Gizmo is long haired she would require more extensive grooming, including brushing, on a regular basis to make sure she is clean and doesn't get matted. Both were littre trained by their owner and they continue to use oneĀ at the kennels. Both love playing with toys espically tunnels and love a good treat. We had reports from the last owner that the rabbits can sometimes become slightly aggressive. We haven't witness this but to keep things safe we are saying that these two can't be renhomed to a family with young children. To find out more information ot to come and see Willow and Gizmo call Ruskington Boarding Kennels on 01526 833977.